PM Bellingham 5/1/14 | 790 KGMI

Really? From an almost hour long conversation with Community 2 Community Development where they discussed blatant racism and inequality in our community KGMI thought “hateful tortillas […] with silly message” was the most newsworthy?

What about the banner saying “Diversity == White Genocide” that was hung just a week ago in our community! That is pure and blatant racism in our community and we should not be tolerating it. But instead of that clip from the Joe Show KGMI chose the puff piece about tortillas with silly messages.

What about advocacy? Where is the information about the Farm Worker March for Dignity (http://ift.tt/Siucr2) this Sunday? It is a well organized and important display of people that are oppressed in our community. Don’t you think that is more newsworthy than tortillas with silly messages, which may or may not be hateful?
PM Bellingham 5/1/14 | 790 KGMI

DVSAS of Whatcom County says 1 in 5 college women are affected by sexual assault, Community 2 Community Development says the Bellingham Mystery Tortilla Appreciation Society could be spreading hate, and a fundraiser for Red Cross Oso Mudslide relief is being held Friday at the Chuckanut Brewery.

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