“Dove Real Beauty,” self-esteem, and One Direction

“the video also promotes what I’ll call the One Direction Theory of Unknown Beauty (ODTUB). As those little boys sing, ‘You don’t know you’re beautiful, oh oh, that’s what makes you beautiful.’ Part of the allure of the Dove women, similarly, is that they’re unaware of their loveliness: dressed to attract little attention, they don’t tell the artist about their beautiful eyes. As he sketches them, they are the very picture of feminine humility and thus, according to the ODTUB, feminine beauty.”
“Dove Real Beauty,” self-esteem, and One Direction

Over the weekend, Dove released a new video promoting its carefully constructed brand of “real beauty” self-esteeming boosting. The concept is clever. A series of women describe themselves to a forensic sketch artist behind a curtain. Afterward, new friends describe these same women to the same guy…

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